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Leadership through Value Creation | Mark Noon

Mark Noon, an executive coach with 25 years of experience in military and civilian healthcare leadership, talks about the real-life application of leadership principles, that a leadership role does not automatically equate to being a leader, and the collection of his knowledge through his book, Set Up: Timeless Leadership for Your Success.

Timecode Guide

  • 01:37 About Mark Noon

  • 02:59 What would your billboard look like on the freeway?

  • 03:33 Getting into the leadership career

  • 04:15 The number one myth about leadership

  • 04:50 Things new leaders should think about when assuming a leadership role for the first time

  • 05:50 Creating the message to your team on what you envision them to be

  • 06:17 The number one thing that people need to know about setting themselves up for success so that they can set up others

  • 07:22 The problem with leaders who make their direct reports feel inadequate

  • 08:52 Percentage of time his coaching is directive versus straight-up coaching

  • 10:18 Every investment has a payoff

  • 11:14 Types of training government invests in the military

  • 13:27 Difference between military and civilian people’s needs

  • 14:04 What to change about the way people are approaching being carefree and by caring more?

  • 14:53 Knowing what brings value to a person

  • 17:45 The person he looks up to

  • 19:33 Proximity leaders should be spending with their direct reports

  • 21:50 Most important learning in life

  • 25:34 How to Connect with Mark Noon

  • 26:06 How can people continue to bring more good into their life?

If you want to know more about Mark Noon, click the links below.

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