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Life as a Craft | Charles Collins

Charles Collins, a best-selling author, audio producer, and journal publisher, emphasizes how we can apply the ways of craftsmanship into our lives to achieve extraordinary results.

Timecode Guide

  • 01:34 About Charles Collins

  • 02:19 How did you get into this work?

  • 04:36 Former employment and life activities prior to this work

  • 05:40 Exploring the idea on how do we do things well and why we are amazed when we see high-quality craftsmanship

  • 06:23 What would your billboard say if you have one?

  • 07:01 One common myth when it comes to people thinking about one’s life as a masterpiece

  • 09:19 What are the nuts and bolts of your system?

  • 13:10 The way of craftsmanship

  • 14:45 Number one thing that people need to know about setting themselves up for success

  • 16:06 How does one commit?

  • 17:25 What has been one of the best resources that have helped you along the way?

  • 20:19 How can people continue to bring more good into their lives?

  • 22:09 How to Connect with Charles Collins

If you want to know more about Charles Collins, click the link below.

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