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Mind Your Manners | Donald James

Donald James, an executive leader at NASA, manager, facilitator, communicator, mentor, and author, shared how his career became his tool to influence others, putting emphasis on our manners and accepting people’s feedback that may hurt, as expounded by his book entitled Manners Will Take You Where Brains and Money Won't.

Timecode Guide

  • 01:42 About Donald James

  • 03:27 Does NASA look like the same as what we see in the movies?

  • 04:42 SpaceX and NASA Partnership

  • 05:55 Is working at NASA an emotional process?

  • 06:56 Ethos in writing his book

  • 09:18 What matters in creating meaningful impact in people’s lives

  • 12:38 Number one tip in approaching our lives with keeping in mind our manners

  • 14:54 People who you should surround yourself with

  • 15:44 How to give feedback about a person’s manner

  • 17:45 Awareness and being appreciative of feedback that might hurt

  • 19:42 What would your billboard that is put out on the world say?

  • 22:36 Being in NASA as a tool to influence

  • 23:25 How can people continue to bring more good into their life?

  • 24:54 How to Connect with Donald James

If you want to know more about Donald James, click the links below.

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