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Participatory Budgeting and Employment on a Game Theory Perspective | Luke Hohmann

Luke Hohmann, Founder and CEO of FirstRoot, discusses what participatory budgeting is, the importance of defining your personal brand as a leader, and using the game theory in helping you decide your career.

Timecode Guide

  • 01:28 About Luke Hohmann

  • 02:53 About Participatory Budgeting

  • 04:17 Participatory Budgeting in a Kid’s Perspective

  • 07:40 Being on a Leadership Role

  • 09:49 Role of Failure in Leadership and Experience

  • 11:57 How to Assess when an Experience could Damage Someone or a Company

  • 13:57 The Role and Toughest Part of Being a CEO

  • 17:00 Leaders with Fear-Based Tactics

  • 18:48 Employment on Game Theory Perspective

  • 24:35 Number One Thing that People Want to Know it Setting Themselves Up For Success

  • 25:43 How can people continue to bring more good into their life?

  • 27:40 How to Connect with Luke Hohmann

If you want to know more about Luke Hohmann, click the links below.

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