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Why a Healthy Breathing Matters | Jane Tarrant

Jane Tarrant, an awareness coach and certified breathing coach, walks us through the process of correct breathing, why there’s a need to train ourselves to be more tolerant in carbon dioxide, and how to use this activity in combatting anxiety and stress without costing us a fortune.

Timecode Guide

  • 01:26 About Jane Tarrant

  • 03:51 Reason in teaching others about breathing

  • 05:26 Things that we’re not taught as children

  • 06:23 Practical basis in having the healthiest breathing

  • 07:44 Importance of breathing through our nose and the role of our mouth

  • 12:00 Oxygen and carbon dioxide production and tolerance

  • 15:34 Difference in freedivers’ breathing method

  • 16:34 A risk in pregnancy

  • 17:09 Tips in dealing with anxiety

  • 22:00 How to manage when you’re experiencing a high-stress state

  • 23:48 Experience with clients with singing or musical training background

  • 25:00 Restrictive clothing especially on women

  • 26:11 How can people continue to bring more good into their life?

  • 27:47 How to Connect with Jane Tarrant

If you want to know more about Jane Tarrant, click the links below.

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