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Business with a Purpose | Hanieh Sigari

Hanieh Sigari, an entrepreneur, biochemist, and anti-aging disruptor, shares how her journey as an entrepreneur started, her decision-making process in going from a new business venture to the next, and her take on approaching a career in this modern age.

Timecode Guide

  • 01:17 About Hanieh Sigari

  • 02:10 About Qyral and the Definition of Chirality

  • 03:19 Business Ventures: Health Care Start-Up on Aging

  • 04:59 Business Ventures: E-Commerce Fulfillment and Logistics

  • 05:39 Business Ventures: Qyral

  • 06:15 Dealing with Burnouts

  • 08:07 E-Commerce Fulfillment and Logistics Business Learnings

  • 09:53 Multilevel Marketing or Network Marketing Business Model

  • 10:31 Her Inspiration in Being in Business

  • 13:49 What makes Qyral different?

  • 15:55 What would your billboard say that screams a motto that you love?

  • 16:40 Influential persons in the concept of “There’s no such thing as failure”

  • 17:50 The number one thing to know about setting themselves up for success and showing up authentically to who they are as human beings

  • 20:00 When a belief is controversial

  • 21:37 What to change about the way people are approaching their careers?

  • 24:12 How can people continue to bring more good into their life?

  • 24:38 How to Connect with Hanieh Sigari

If you want to know more about Hanieh Sigari, click the links below.

Hanieh Sigari's Website

Hanieh Sigari's Instagram

Hanieh Sigari's Facebook

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