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Using Business as a Force for Good | Lynn Yap

Lynn Yap, Founder of Actv8 Network and a former corporate attorney, shares her reasons for leaving the investment banking world, her journaling practice, and how her curiosity on businesses as a force for good led her to write her book “The Altruistic Capitalist”.

Timecode Guide

  • 01:32 About Lynn Yap

  • 02:25 How did you leave the investment banking world?

  • 06:16 One common myth that people have around businesses as a force for good

  • 07:32 Message to the leaders who just want to run a simple diagnostics whether their business is a force for good or not

  • 09:49 Number one thing that people need to know about setting themselves up for success

  • 14:20 Understanding what is important to you

  • 16:37 Journaling practice

  • 18:15 One person that you talk to that brought you to a new sense of enlightenment

  • 20:29 How can people continue to bring more good into their lives?

  • 21:18 How to Connect with Lynn Yap

If you want to know more about Lynn Yap, click the links below.

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